Goal : To inculcate rational and scientific basis of therapeutics

Objective : To acquire knowledge and develop skills as under


  • Describe the pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamic properties of essential & commonly used drugs
  • Understand the indications & contraindications, interactions and adverse reactions of commonly used drugs & precautions to be observed while using those drugs
  • Develop full understanding about the use of appropriate drugs, efficacy, safety, convenience, cost in diseases
  • Understand the pharmacological basis & clinical presentation, diagnosis, management of common poisonings
  • Understanding the drugs of addiction and management strategies of the same
  • Classify environmental & occupational pollutants and consider the management strategy for the same
  • Understanding the precautions to be taken while using drugs in pregnancy, lactation, geriatric and paediatric patients.
  • Understanding the concept of rational drug therapy
  • Understanding the concept of essential drugs
  • Understanding the process of new drug development


  • Prescribe the drug accurately for common ailments
  • Recognize adverse reactions and interactions of commonly used drugs
  • Understand the experimental designs for study of the effects of the drug & develop
  • Critically analyse the given prescription for the given problem considering the principles of rational therapy
  • Scan information on common pharmaceutical preparations and critically evaluate the drug formulations